I love collaboration and seeing pattern & product come together in perfect harmony. It is very soul-filling when my surface pattern designs are brought to life through high quality products. It's the unique, one-of-a-kind custom made that brings me joy as an artist. Plus, I feel a lot of natural pride when individuals purhcase a product with my design.

An award winning digital artist for my paintings, I recently shifted my art design career to sufrace pattern design.
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An award winning artist for her digital paintings, Genece has recently shifted her art design career to surcace design. She is quickly becoming known for her geometric, asian inspired, whimsical and modern designs.

Her passion for designing prints evolved from a desire to become a shoe designer. While leaning about women's shoe design, she discoverd she loved creating patterned prints for a shoe more than the process of a designing a shoe itself.

Currently, Genece works with a Canadian company that provides her prints for women's activewear. She is creaing a "cottage" design studio and aligning herself with local interior designers.

Currently, my surface pattern design
collaborations include products for:

Home Decor
(furniture, decorative pillows, and wallpaper)
(gift wrap, greeting cards, calendars, journals)
(activewewear: leggings, capris, yoga pants)

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